Fly Tying Materials & Hooks for 201

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Robbie Winram brings you news and reviews of the latest materials and tools to hit the market

Partridge Patriot barbless dry fly hooks


aqqTWO new additions to the Patriot barbless hook range are the SLD2 (standard dry) and the SUD (ideal standard dry).

Both are made from a heavier wire than the standard SLD and SUD hooks and both feature a black nickel finish, which I prefer when tying imitative patterns. The SLD2 has a beaked surehold point that is slightly turned up to give a better hook hold, critical when using smaller patterns.

The SUD2 has a more rounded Captain Hamilton bend and a long straight surehold point. The heavier wire increases their strength so they are perfect for targeting bigger and stronger fish with a reduced chance of the hook gaping out. There are 25 hooks per pack and they are available in sizes 10 to 18.

Cookshill partridge tails

from £1.30

aqqPARTRIDGE tail feathers might be quite small at around 3 to 3.5-inches in length, but their beautiful speckled and barred markings make them a very versatile feather.

Traditionally used to create sedge wings, they also make perfect whisks on the March Brown, a traditional wet fly. As the feather fibres are about the same length on each side of the quill, and because there isn’t a pronounced left or right hand curve to the quill, you can cut away a section from each side to make matching slip wings.

The well-speckled feathers make excellent tails and even better legs on a range of nymph patterns and because partridge fibres are quite soft they move really well in the water. The fibres are also quite long so they can be used to create a throat hackle or a complete veil. There are many ways of forming a sedge wing, but these tail feathers really lend themselves to the wing cutter technique.

Use the cutter at the tail end of the feather to stamp out the required shape. The fine quill running down the middle holds all the fibres together like a spine and this cut-out section can then be coated with a flexible cement like Floo Gloo, allowed to dry and then carefully crimped to form the roof shape. I was very impressed with the quality and markings on the speckled Cookshill partridge tail feathers (pictured above). These cost £1.60 and they are also available in cinnamon at £1.30. You get 10 feathers per pack. Cookshill also sell complete tails at £2.

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Veniard Super Stretch Hackle


aqqTHIS new synthetic hackle comprises of flat pearl lurex tinsel fibres and super stretch floss (Flexi-floss) that have been bound into a central core.

It can be tied in and wrapped around the hook shank to create a highly mobile hackle, either along the full body or at the thorax.

The combination of the thin lurex fibres and the super stretch floss, which has a lot of elasticity, creates enticing movement on the retrieve, folding backwards on the pull and relaxing on the pause.

It comes in two sizes:19mm and 32mm. In the 19mm hackle the pearl lurex fibres are Longer than the super stretch floss fibres, which gives a halo appearance around the pattern. In the larger 32mm material the fibres are the same length. The 19mm hackle is perfect for larger Lures, and the 32mm material for predator and saltwater flies.

It has a certain degree of stretch which makes it quite resilient so it should be able to survive a few maulings. You can trim the fibres to suit smaller patterns but bear in mind that the shorter you trim it the Less movement will be achieved. You get around 1.3 metres per pack and it is available in black, hot orange, medium • olive, pearl, red and fluo chartreuse in both sizes:19mm (below left) and 32mm (below right).

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